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Namaste Dead Inside (T-Shirt) - black freeshipping

Namaste Dead Inside (T-Shirt)

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Namaste Dead Inside T-Shirt.  

The Namaste Dead Inside T-Shirt is one of our newest releases in the Dead Inside Collection, and it is a MOOD. In addition to being incredibly unique and original, the shirt is relaxed, tailored and super comfortable, perfect either at the gym (particularly yoga class) or as everyday wear. 

  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Ultra-Comfortable

Size Chart (Slimmer fit)
S 27 in 17 in 8.0 in
M 27 in 20 in 8.3 in
L 28 in 22 in 9.0 in
XL 30 in 24 in 9.3 in
2XL 32 in 25 in 9.5 in
3XL 32 in 28 in 10 in
4XL 33 in 29 in 11 in
5XL 34 in 32 in 11 in
Namaste Dead Inside Size Chart